Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blake's Painting

Back in 2004 I must have done a couple of dozen paintings similar to the one you see here. I called the series, Rick's Chicks. Blake, my youngest daughter decided she was going to muscle in on dads turf and show me what she could do by creating her own lady. Her creation is the painting you see here. I was and remain damn impressed.
Now six years later, Blake has gotten married and she and her husband Nick, who is in Iraq, have made a creation of their own. He, their creation, has a name and it is MR.Cowen Danger. Danger is due to plant his little baby feet here on planet earth in approx. 30 more days.
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Anonymous said...

OK, I sure hope Blake continues to put out more of this incredible art. I LOVE this woman and your style, Blake!!! Chip off the ol' block here.(artist like your Dad i see) This lady would be great on a card!! wonder what she'd have to say?

Gypsy lady :-)